We might be a bit biased, but we genuinely believe there ain’t no party like a silent disco party! There are many reasons why people choose to use Silent Noize Events for their special occasion, here are 10 reasons why Silent Discos are the best:

1. No Noise Pollution
If you’ve hired a venue or you’re holding a party at home, there’s nothing worse than upsetting the neighbours. The beauty of the silent disco is, there isn’t any!

2. Choose Your Own Music
We have 3 channel headphones which means you can switch between different songs simultaneously.

3. Wireless Dancing
Want to throw some serious shapes? The great thing about not being tethered to a device is you can have that dance battle you’ve been planning, without compromising your moves!

4. Hilarious
Watch people dance to a variety of different songs in the same room as you. Expect miming, gesticulating and hilarious consequences.

5. Sociable
Lose your inhibitions and dance with friends, acquaintances and make new friends with this fantastic technology!

6. Choose How Loud to Party
Music too loud? Not a problem, you control the volume!

7. You’re The DJ
Use your own iPod or similar device or hire one of our pre-programmed iPods for your event and leave the song choices to us!

8. No Time Restraints
With the fact that there’s no noise pollution, you can party into the wee hours of the morning without upsetting anyone.

9. Cover All Bases
Your selection of music you could include classic rock, electro and 70s disco. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but with such an eclectic mix, there’s bound to be something to please everyone!

10. Memorable
Silent discos are downright fun. Although they’re not a new thing, people are still in awe of their awesomeness! It’s a great icebreaker and talking point and your event is one that will be talked about.
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