Silent Memories - Music Therapy with Headsets

Presenting Silent Memories – Innovative Music Therapy

Silent Discos for elderly people living with dementia, sensory impairments, learning difficulties or memory loss. Music therapy is a well established form of treatment for patients, particularly those suffering with dementia. It can help evoke memories and create a deeper sense of coherence and communication, whilst allowing residents to communicate on a different level with care workers and family members.

Here at Silent Noize we’ve recently launched our new company Silent Memories where we offer innovative form of music therapy, whereby rather than playing the music out loud for all to hear, it is played through our wireless headsets directly to the patients. All music is carefully selected by the residents, care workers, family members and our DJs.

Why headsets?

When listening to music through our headsets we have noticed a distinct increase in engagement, animation and stimulation amongst patients. Often the music seems to evoke memories and allows the residents to become completely immersed in the sessions.
Using headsets allows residents to opt in or out of the sessions. The silent disco can be taking place in a communal area and anyone not taking part won’t be distracted by the activity. With a long transmission range it also allows patients with limited mobility to take part in the sessions in their own rooms.

What care homes say:
Briony Sloan – Homecroft, Bradford
“I have been astounded by the positive affects holding a ‘Silent Disco’ has had on my clients. Silent Memories have played within our care home setting and we have been surprised at the way in which the impact of intimate, personal music, especially tailored to clients, has engaged the most static, distant clients and really ‘brought them back to life’, and brought obvious pleasure and joy to many others.”

If you’d like to learn a bit more about the science behind music therapy then this article from Practical Neurology is a great read.

Keeping your patients happy and engaged.

To book a Silent Memories session at your care home, get in touch here.

Headsets for Exhibitions - Event Tech Live 2018

Silent Seminars: Be heard!

Back in 2016 we launched Silent Seminars. Since then we’ve had the pleasure of working at some fantastic events across the globe! This autumn we continued our partnership with Event Tech Live as well as providing headsets at a host of events including, The Bahrain Air Show, Future Travel Expo Asia, New York Vet Show, Pulse Europe and The Care Show.

Through our wireless headset technology we are reshaping the way that audio is presented within the conference & exhibition industry. Typically when audiences engage with content at a show the noise pollution from PA’s is an ongoing headache for conference organisers & exhibitors alike, but we have found a great solution.


Benefits of hosting a Silent Seminar:

  • Audience engagement increases due to clear, crisp audio. Unaffected by a busy show floor, your delegates will be able to clearly hear every word wether on the front row or at the back of the theatre.
  • Surrounding exhibitors are unaffected by noise pollution, boosting revenue and making use of every inch of your venue.
  • Multi Channel Headsets now allow for up to 10 channels! Allowing delegates to wonder from zone to zone without having to swap headsets.
  • Save money of costly PA’s. Cabling, staff & noise cancelling curtains are all expensive. Our systems are extremely quick and efficient to set up.
  • Increased revenue streams. Maximise revenue potentials by allowing your clients to brand the headsets.
  • Stream content in multiple languages. Our systems can be used for language translation.

With +25 years in the event industry, we know what it takes to plan and implement a successful event. Click here more information on Silent Seminars or get in touch.

Our philosophy is simple – reducing noise improves communication & engagement.

To ensure best results, WE USE HEADPHONES.

Silent Conference - Event Tech Live 2018

Silent Disco on Ice

Silent Disco on Ice!

This December, we have joined up with Winchester Cathedral Christmas Market to give you a totally unique experience of a Silent Disco on Ice! You can grab your headphones and enjoy the best music from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s. With three different music channels to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice. Set in a beautiful winter wonderland in central Winchester, this would a great festive night out for friends and family.

Wrap up warm, collect your headphones, fasten your skates and get ready to dance the night away with Silent Noize!

Simply click here to book your space. Every Tuesday and Thursday throughout December at 7pm & 8pm. Booking is recommended to avoid disappointment due to the popularity of this event.