As with everyone in the events industry and the world as a whole, the last few months have been torrid to say the least! Going into 2020 we were looking at our busiest ever year here at Silent Noize and to see business falling off a cliff at the beginning of March was quite a shock to the system.

However we know we’re not alone and many people and businesses are in far worse positions than ours. Our hearts go out to all of those who have suffered physically, mentally and financially over the past few months. Here’s hoping that things improve from here on in.

As the economy starts to show the earliest stages of a recovery, we feel we owe our loyal customers a huge thank you for helping us to get through the first half of the year. So many customers have postponed their bookings rather than cancelling which has really helped us weather the storm so far. In return, to help customers out, we’ve done our very best to be flexible and have allowed everyone to move their bookings to a date in the future.

We’d also like to say a massive thanks to everyone who has booked with us and partied in a safe and responsible way so far this summer! Back in April when we were in the midst of the lockdown with no end in site, it was difficult to see any business coming in at all for the rest of the year. So we’ve been pleasantly surprised and mighty relieved that we’ve had a relatively busy few weeks here. We are very aware that this has not been the case for many businesses, and certainly feel very lucky to have had the chance to offer some light relief and entertainment for the nation during these difficult days!

Everyone is now coming to terms with the fact that for as long as Covid 19 is around, things are going to have to be done slightly differently to normal. By using headsets and having a silent disco instead of a normal party, a silent conference instead of a traditional set up, you may well find it easier to keep your audience safe and sufficiently distanced. The reach on all of our headset models is up to 250m so you can spread people across a much bigger space than normal!


For information on our packages and services please do get in touch.

Thanks again and look forward to a good end to 2020 and a much more positive 2021.

The Silent Noize Team 🙂