People in Birmingham having fun at silent disco

A great way to celebrate the season…

On 17 December 2022, Millenium Point held a silent disco for over 300 people in its Atrium. It featured three Silent Noize DJs – one playing on each of the headset channels – battling it out to gain the most dancers.

A silent disco attracts a range of people and ages and people came from all over the area to meet friends and have a silent dance under an enormous Christmas tree. Even the Millenium Point staff had a dance! The vibe was easy going and there was lots of space to relax, chat, drink and / or dance. This event is in its second year, which just proves the silent disco’s popularity. 

Laura Everall, from Millenium Point, said: “Millennium Point’s Silent Discos are always popular with the public. They sell out quickly, so it was brilliant having Silent Noize back to DJ our Festive Silent Disco. Having three DJ’s perform gave our guests the choice to pick their perfect songs for the night. Combined with our 39ft Christmas tree and festive lighting, it definitely made it a night to remember for our visitors. We can’t wait for the next one!”

Duncan Strain from Silent Noize Events, said: “We love serving our local community and this event is a great example of how Millenium Point provides creative and diverse events for people in the Birmingham area and beyond. We very much look forward to working with them on future events. Plus, our DJs always enjoy a bit of friendly competition with each other, and creating more of an atmosphere for the crowd. A silent disco can appeal to anyone – young or old – through the selection of music available on the three channels.” 

Further events

There was a huge waiting list for this event so we are sure there will be another one very soon. If you would like to experience the event in future, do keep your eye out on Millenium Point’s event pages or @SilentNoizeEvents Instagram for information. 

Alternatively, have a silent disco yourself. Head over to our booking page to get your headsets now.