Here are some novel ideas for 2023 to help you set yourselves apart from other event producers! 

For over a decade, Silent Noize Events has helped hundreds of event managers and agencies hold successful silent discos and silent seminars.

But silent discos are not the only option – our headsets can be used in a variety of novel ways. 

Here are some ideas below to inspire you when planning you events! So, get imaginative and feel free to call us anytime to discuss your projects. 

1 – Silent discos, weddings, staff parties, celebrity parties, special birthdays or anniversaries

Whether you are planning weddings, staff parties, celebrity parties, special birthdays or anniversaries, know that silent discos can be great fun and have the benefit of no noise pollution, whatever the venue.


They are highly versatile and can be held inside, or outside (so social distancing regulations can be adhered to if required). All headsets arrive fully sanitised. Your staff or clients simply need to plug the transmitters in, turn on the headsets with fully loaded iPads and party away! That’s only if we don’t come and DJ and do everything for you. We pride ourselves on our DJs ability to work with any music tastes and read any crowd.

2 – Corporate Parties

Charm your corporate clients with a party that brings older and younger generations together through music. Our headsets have 3 channels so you can have music from across the ages to suit all. You have the option to use our experienced DJs and brand the DJ booth with your client’s logo. You can even have silent electric bands running through our headsets if there are any budding musicians in the company. 

3 – Awards ceremonies, or large dinner events

Add a special touch to awards ceremonies, or large dinner events. Have a silent course between the main course and desert. This is where a special audio message is played through the headsets to tell client stories or get their messages across, which could be in a very emotional and moving way. 

4 – Team Building Tournaments or Networking Days

Add silent games to your team building tournaments or networking days to be the little bit more off kilter. 

5 – Silent Fashion Show

Dazzle fashionistas with a silent fashion show and make the most of an amazing venue. You could even have three fashion shows in one place! Bring technology to client collections and let them set even more new trends. Yes, they can show three collections at the same time and have all designers talking through a 3-way microphone desk to engulf clients in their works of art. 

6 – Art galleries and Artists

Amaze art galleries and artists with novel ways to sell their work. Create an art experience through our headsets by having pre-recorded or live messages from artists running through the headsets while buyers are walking through the gallery and scouting the next Picasso. 

7 – Silent arts festival

Or hold a silent arts festival. Bring people together and art to life!

8 – Specialist projects or immersive learning

The headsets can be used for specialist projects too. Immersive learning is really effective and definitely worth thinking about if you’re looking to engage people in a different way.

9 – Theatres and creative productions

Tempt and tantalise theatres by suggesting a specific part of a production is written in to scripts so the audience can use the headsets to feel like they are actually in the production. 

10 – Silent cinema

Hold a silent cinema. Many people have been totally immersed in a film through our silent cinema headsets. Less talking and more watching!


11 – Walking or museum tours

Create wonderful walking tours or magical museum tours for your clients, whether that be onsite, or in a historical place – with our battery transmitters, you can have a guide walk, share information, and explain history, or technology, any place, anytime and anywhere. 

12 – Festivals (large or small)

Fantastic festivals are a breeze after hours – Add another dimension to everyone’s experience using our headsets and music. With reduced noise pollution, you can surprise everyone with one last little party when they think it’s all over.

13 – Silent fitness or silent yoga

Trailblaze the latest fitness or silent yoga classes – Using just our battery transmitters, headsets, a headset mic and a phone, you can maximise profit inside in a shared gym space, or outside in the open air, creating memories and experiences that are sure to spread by word of mouth.  

14 – Hen and Stag parties

Have your hens and stags feel loved and that little bit extra with a special recorded message to the bride / groom through headsets, separately or along with the music, for the hen or stag party!

15 – Student events

Stir up student unions on a tight budget with our dry hire packages. We can supply playlists to suit any crowd. All your staff or clients have to do is just simply plug the transmitters in to the music playing devices and turn the headsets on. Our DJs and staff have years of experience working with students. We pride ourselves on working with many UK universities including many of the Oxford and Cambridge University student balls.  

16 – Older people and Silent Memories

Entertain the elders! Our Silent Memories project has been running for several years in older people’s care homes and hospices, giving joy and stimulation to many. So why not give something back to the community and help the older generation re-live their youth through specially selected, and targeted, music, tried and tested by us. 


17 – Special educational needs

Or aid those who have autism. We have found the headsets to work really well with people with autism. Sensitivities are reduced through the headsets because the person with autism can control the volume, unlike in a cinema or theatre.  

18 – Thank those who care for us – In 2020 when we were locked down we offered packages of headsets to Covid-19 wards in NHS hospitals. This was to offer staff some light relief in between shifts. We provided over 20 hospitals headsets free of charge during the initial Covid-19 lockdown.

19 – Corporate parties and events

It doesn’t end there (although we won’t take up much more of your time and thanks for reading)! For those all-important corporate contracts, Silent Seminars, our corporate business has done its bit for events and conferences over the years too!

20 – Seminars and conferences (now with language translation)

Why not maximise seminar and conference space to wow your clients. With our 24-channel headsets clients can engage audiences and drown out background noise, while having up to 24 channels or theatres running in one space! Plus, with our new app, branded to your event, language barriers are not a problem anymore! We can provide language translation through the app, so whether it’s a hybrid or face-to-face event, your client has options, wherever in the world their delegates may be. 

21 – Product launches and demonstrations

Perfect your product launches and demos. You can immerse people in knowledge about the product with no distractions. Our headsets work really well in busy, noisy places – for example, exhibition halls. 


Why use us?

Silent Noize Events Ltd is the leading supplier of silent discos and wireless headsets in the UK. We supply premium equipment with superb quality, reliability and durability. We also pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. See our reviews here.

Our sister company, Silent Seminars Ltd, offers up to 20 different audio channels. This means you can deliver more content in the same room without having to worry about noise interference.

If you, or your clients, would like to get some indicative costs, or find out more please do let us know.

We have a variety of packages to suit literally any budget and can offer solutions to headset management at larger events. So, whatever you are planning, or you just want some ideas for PR stunts, please call us for a chat on 0203 7275382, or ask us for a quote. 

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