DRY HIRE – We supply the headphones, you provide the music! We’ll send your our fantastic 3 channel headsets along with connecting transmitters and cables to hook up to your laptops, iPods, tablets, smart phones or DJ equipment. All you need to do is provide the music, plug it all in and press play.

25 headsets = £125 50 headsets = £170  75 headsets = £220

100 headsets = £265 150 headsets = £360 200 headsets = £480

250 headsets = £590 300 headsets = £695 350 headsets = £840

400 headsets = £940 450 headsets = £1050 500 headsets = £1150

For any orders over 500 headsets or any information regarding dry hire, please contact us.

* All prices are INCLUSIVE OF VAT @ 20%, delivery & collection, transmitters to cover 3 channels,  cables to connect to your music and batteries. Please note that conference/exhibition headsets are charged at a different rate. Please get in touch for a quote.

ipod extras

If you’d prefer to have us take care of the music then we have loaded iPods available for an additional £40 each so £120 to cover all 3 channels. Music of your choice of course and you just plug everything in, press play and away you go!

*please note that ipod extra hire is for private hire only. All tracks have been purchased legally and paid for by a Silent Noize individual and have in no way been duplicated for use at multiple functions. All device equipment is protected with individual login/passwords and therefore cannot be copied by any other persons. 




We have 2 different models of headsets to choose from.

Due to the nature of events that we do we only use the very best quality headsets on the market so the sound is fantastic and they are extremely reliable.