We provide equipment for all sorts of events. Public, private, you name it, we’ve done it all! One thing we’ve been providing a lot of Dry Hire for recently is silent conferences.

All you need to do to set one us is get in touch with us and we’ll take care of the rest. We simply take a feed from your audio desk and send it straight to your delegate’s headsets.

This means they can either listen to recorded audio or live presentations. 

We have new 6 channel headsets available so we can set up 6 different channels of audio in any 1 space, which is great if you want things in multiple languages.

Having multiple channels provides a fantastic solution to noise pollution issues within a conference venue. We believe this helps audiences connect to content with a stronger, clearer voice.

Our packages are flexible enough to be tailored to pretty much any corporate event. We can also provide screens and other extras that will ensure clear, professional delivery of your message. 

For more information about Silent Conferences, visit our sister company’s website here.