First and foremost, congratulations on you wedding! How was the big day?

Our day was brilliant – being November we had a little rain in the morning, but it cleared up and it didn’t matter in the end. We had people travel from all over to join us to make our day special and we loved everything about it. The planning had taken over my life for the whole of 2014, but I was in my element as I run a marketing and events business as well. I created lots of special touches such as personalised wine glass charms, emergency baskets in the toilets, I created a music video with my step daughter for my new husband, decorated 150 jars with glitter, handmade literally everything! It certainly was a great day and start to married life!

Where did the celebrations take place?

The ceremony took place in St Cuthberts Church in Clifton (the village we live in) with the reception at Askham Hall

There are many practical reasons why people chose to have a silent disco at their wedding, what was yours?

I work in Marketing and am always looking for different and unusual ways to do things. I wanted my wedding to be a little different from others I’ve been to and to do things that people would remember. My husband had been to a silent disco at a festival before and loved it, so we decided to do that for our wedding.

Did you have a combination of music played out at first then switch to the silent disco, if so how did you find it?

We had a band and a DJ at our wedding. We found the silent disco worked really well after the band had finished to keep momentum going. We didn’t tell anyone about the silent disco (not even our best man/bridesmaids) so it was a real surprise when we announced it on the night.

Did you choose a dry hire or full package? What was included?

We had the dry hire. It was really easy to set up and create the play lists. It was handy to have a DJ to do the techy side of things so we didn’t have to worry about it on the night.

What was your first dance to?

Our first dance was to Snow patrol’s ‘Just Say yes’ – Something we could have a smooch to, but also a good dance too!

Some people might find it strange having such a modern theme as part of their celebrations, would you agree?

Yes, we found that people were a bit shocked at first and where we live, not many people had heard of it, so it was all very new. We were nervous before as we had not told anyone, but everyone really embraced it from the kids, to our older recitatives. There were people who would not normally dance getting up…everyone was involved even the staff at Askham Hall were collecting glasses with their headphones on! It was brilliant and people are still talking about it now!

Would you say the silent disco is for everyone of all ages or did you find it was aimed more towards young people?

I was worried people of our age would be the only people on the dance floor, but everyone got up.  I actually found the younger kids disappeared, but the other people loved it. We had a variety of music, so everyone could enjoy it as well.

Most people chose to have a different genre set to each channel to please everyone. Is this something you did yourselves or did you leave the Silent Noize Team to it?

We did it ourselves. We used 2 channels – one was rock/indie (which the groom chose) and the other was pop/cheesy (which the bride chose)

Did you have a favourite channel?

Of course it was mine haha! We found people switching between the two depending on who they were dancing with or who they could hear singing the loudest!

On a whole how did you find the Silent Noize service?

Fantastic – so easy! You don’t need any extra stresses as a bride and I certainly didn’t. Silent Noize were great, our DJ and also the staff at Askham hall in helping us!

Would you recommend a silent disco wedding to others?


And finally … if you were to rate your happy day on a scale of ‘Stephen King nightmare’ to ‘Disney happily ever after dream come true story’ how would you rate it?

Disney definitely – I wouldn’t change anything about our day! So many people have said it is the best wedding they’ve been to!