Headsets for the Conference & Exhibition Industry

Here at Silent Seminars we are helping to redefine the way that audio is presented within the conference & exhibition industry. Our philosophy is simple – reducing noise improves communication & engagement. To ensure best results, WE USE HEADPHONES.

Why we use headphones

Significantly enhance the quality of the listening experience for your delegates.

BE HEARD! Block out any external noise from other presenters or exhibitors on a busy show floor.

24 channel systems now available so numerous content streams can be presented simultaneously. No need for expensive noise reducing curtains or multiple breakout rooms. Have all of your seminar areas in one space.

Fully engage your audience in the material being presented.

Stream content in multiple languages.

Why Silent Seminars?

Tried, tested, trusted. A combined 25+ years in the events industry means we know what it takes to plan & implement a successful event. Here at Silent Seminars we are always striving to push the boundaries of our products and work closely with all of our clients to ensure they are listened to and their needs are understood and met.

We provide professional integrated audiovisual solutions for conferences, exhibitions and events and specialise in connecting audiences to content with a stronger, clearer voice. Our goal is to deliver positive impact through multichannel wireless audiovisual technologies, smart design concepts and full service applications.

We also work with many of the UK’s leading AV suppliers so can provide full AV solutions for your events.

Equipment & services available:

Wireless multi channel headsets

Tour guide systems

Translation systems

Microphones & mixing desks

On site tech/RF support

Event staff

What our customers say..

"We felt that the headsets were a great asset to our conference programme at the Farnborough International Air Show. In a trade show where we see tens of thousands of people pass through the halls daily it was vital that those in the audience of our on-floor theatres had an uninterrupted, hight quality audio experience and we felt that Silent Noize headsets did just that!" Emily Barton - Farnborough Air Show

“Working with Chris and Duncan has been a pleasure. As production manager working on complex site specific theatrical productions finding approachable people in the industry to engage in theatrical vision is often rare and ineffective. Working with Silent Seminars has not only been successful in providing us with a specific solution tailor made to our needs but has come with a raft of patience, advice and empathy.

Silent Seminars are the only company in the UK who were able to supply us with our very specific needs, and have proved to be not only pioneering in their field, but also of great reliable quality. I look forward to working with them on future productions and to continue to recommend them to colleagues in the industry. For their equipment, standards and professionalism, there is no-one better.” Samantha Bennellick Jones, Freelance Production Manager, CSP

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