Over the past 2 summers we have grown and grown into the wedding market and this year we have done on average 2 weddings a month since April so the bug really is catching on! We have heard people saying that they can’t understand why you would want such an anti-social activity at your wedding with nobody interacting or talking but this could not be further from the truth. In our experience people seem to lose their inhibitions when wearing the headphones and the experience is in fact incredibly social with everyone interacting with each other to try and convince them to change channel or request a particular song. We have had feeback from our customers to say that people who NEVER normally get up and dance have been some of the first involved in the silent disco and the last to leave the dancefloor at the end of the night.

Whether it’s simply to abate the noise pollution curfew of your chosen venue, or for the uniqueness of a silent disco at your wedding, Silent Noize can be a fantastic entertaining and exciting way to make your day stand out.

Here are some pics and reviews from a few weddings we have done over the past 2 summers:


Silent Noize have done weddings right across the country and even in Bali and Thailaind. Contact us to find out more about hiring us for your big day anywhere in the world!!!