A massive thanks has to go out to all our staff in the NHS. The last year has been the most challenging we’ve been through as a country in modern times and they have been right on the frontline, battling the virus head on.


No doubt the toll on the physical and mental health of our frontline workers has been immeasurable. Here at Silent Noize, throughout the pandemic we’ve been providing free silent disco packages to help bring some much needed light relief for the staff in between shifts and during breaks.

Setting up little relaxation or party pods in a spare room at the hospital has brought lots of laughter and well deserved down time for NHS staff across the country.


We’re really proud to have been able to play a very small part in helping our frontline workers get through the Covid-19 crisis.


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The staff at East and North Hertfordshire Hospital Charity have embraced the equipment and taken to Twitter to show off their groovy moves to disco lights in empty rooms set up as specialist wellbeing spaces across the hospital. It has proved hugely popular and hospitals across the country have shown an interest in providing similar experiences for their staff. As well as being hugely enjoyable, the feedback also reflect the very real health benefits of a proper break, with “dancing so good for the soul” being recognised by one.