Fire Breathing at Silent Noize Events

Tis The Season!

Here at Silent Noize Events we’re happy that it’s officially the season to be Jolly! This weekend we saw one of BCU’s biggest union parties ever with almost 800 students queuing up to grab their SilentNoize headphones to party the night away with. We’re already taking bookings for May Ball events next year as well as graduations and society celebrations. So if you’re planning you’re next university affair and looking for popular quirky ideas to make your party stand out, we’re here to provide you with the best quality silent disco, awesome DJs, spectacular lighting and other top quality disco equipment!

We were also very lucky to have been asked to get involved in Smirnoff’s Bristol #queuethemusic at PRYZM last Saturday. After getting to know their crowd and asking some vital questions about the clubbers experience, it became quite apparent that queuing in the cold to get into a club wasn’t much fun, so Smirnoff and a wonderful production company Helix decided they would entertain a queue of over 200 people with some of our SilentNoize headphones… what an amazing idea!

We have worked with quite a few big companies over the last 5 years and we are constantly surprised at some of the great ideas people have conjured up to help market their products. The night also included dancers, fire breathing dancers, top DJ complete with his smirnoff truck, lighting and confetti cannons! If you’re looking for ideas to market your product why not draw in your crowd with a silent disco? We can also brand our headphones with your company logo, hash tags and tag-lines too for all of your social media, marketing communication needs.

10 Reasons Why A Silent Disco Wedding Is The Answer

If you are looking for your wedding to stand out, want a memorable experience for you and your guests or you simply love to be entertained in style then a Silent Disco could be the perfect way to celebrate your big day.

Silent Weddings

As the original silent disco equipment hire company, Silent Noize, an events company based in Birmingham and operating throughout the UK, specialise in events organization and the ever growing popular phenomenon of the silent party. This year they have been focusing on Wedding entertainment and celebrations.

Silent Noize discuss their top reasons as to why a Silent Disco  wedding is fast becoming the premier way to bring people together, if not the answer to your wedding restrictions and woes.

1.Family and bonding
Silent Noize can be for everyone. Kids, parents, friends, even the Grandparents love our silent discos. Silent Noize has a nack for bringing people together and what better way to join two new families together.

2. Location
The biggest advantage of a silent disco is that it can take place virtually anywhere. There is no noise pollution as no actual music is being transmitted through speakers. Silent Noize have held silent discos in function halls, hotels, restaurants, warehouses, gardens, forests, festivals as well as nightclubs, pubs, bars and house parties.

3. Be different
Everyone wants their wedding to stand out. Silent discos are a great device for treating your guests to top entertainment. We’ve also seen some exceptional locations with Silent Noize since we began the company, some people even like to mix traditional settings with their modern silent disco theme. The limits truly are endless.

silent disco wedding

4. Music choice
So the kids want to listen to all the pop classics, they go gaga fo Lady Gaga or dippy for 1D… problem is dad would rather rock out to some Queen or the bride just fancies pulling off a headspin to some Beastie Boys. Unfortunately you can’t please everyone with your music choice at a wedding. You can however, cover the majority with a three channel silent disco headset! Silent Noize are currently one of the only Silent Disco companies in the UK to have three different channels available, meaning you can have a DJ for one and iPod/mp3/laptop/tablet/phone playlist for the other channels. Even Nan would be impressed!

5. Time and noise restraints
We find that with many weddings the party has to end early due to noise complaints and sound restraints of the building or area. With Silent Noise silent discos you can carry on the celebrations into the wee hours of the morning if you wish to. If you want a totally unique and original party however large or small Silent Noize will make it a night to remember.

6. License restrictions
Yet again Silent Discos come to the rescue when it comes to those pesky PRS licenses, not all venues or properties have the correct license to broadcast music, however a silent disco is completely legal when it comes to music law. You wont have PC Plod turning up at your party regarding music law.

7. No more shouting
Need a break from the music? The common misconception about Silent Discos is that they are unsociable which is untrue, in fact they are the complete opposite. There’s no need to leave the room for a bit of peace and quiet or pleasant conversation. Simply remove your headphones and chat away to your friends & family. There’s no need to waste energy shouting over music any more because the silence is golden!



8. Wireless fun and long distance
The party doesn’t stop once you step outside the dance floor. Silent Disco headphones are completely wireless and they can still pick up signals from over 100 metres away. You can quite happily carry on to the bar, toilet or outdoors still twerking, shaking and hopping.

9. Hilarious
There’s probably nothing funnier than watching a group of people singing and dancing to different style of music at the same time. If you’ve ever experienced a silent disco before, you will have been lucky enough to experience this. Though if you’re feeling left out, Silent Noize headphones now have coloured lights to indicate to others which channel you are listening to, this way you and your friends can sync up channels… and dance routines of course.

10. Memorable
Let’s face it, if you have a silent disco wedding it will be far from forgettable. Your wedding will most likely stand out from all the other weddings your guests have been to in their lifetime and who wouldn’t want that?!

Silent Noize – The Whole Package: Silent Noize don’t just provide silent disco equipment. Everyone has an idea of how they want their wedding but not everyone has the time to sit down, source equipment, DJ’s, Lighting and Decks. Silent Noize can cater for all of this, hassle free with affordable prices.  With over 3000, top of the range, 3 channel wireless headsets available for hire along with a large roster of professional DJs, photographers, the finest DJ equipment, lighting, smoke machines and more. Also working closely with a number of marquee, staging and lighting hire companies so anything you need for your event, Silent Noize can provide for you.

So why not make your special day one to remember by having a Silent Disco at the reception? You can either switch the speakers over to the headphones to offer your family and friends something different for the end of the night, or go the whole hog and have a completely silent party. It’s the way forward!

silent band

About time

After a long long summer at Silent Noize HQ we think it’s about time that we updated our loyal followers as to what has been happening!

So we’ve literally been all over the country and in fact Europe as well this summer taking in festivals, weddings, birthdays and a whole lot more along the way.

Amongst our favourites has to be Greenbelt Festival 2012. Taking place over the 3 days of the bank holiday weekend in August, it bucketed it down for most of the weekend but this didn’t stop 1000 of you coming out each night to enjoy the silent disco, silent cinema and AMAZING performance from beatboxer Shlohmo to close the show on Sunday night.

Check out a video of the crowd @ Greenbelt 2012 here

In September we were invited to one of the finest cities in the world, ROME to do a silent event for Fusolab Radio The event was a huge success with a series of short films being shown through the headphones followed by a live band and a DJ set from Fusolab DJs. Thanks so much to Dario, Emy and the crew for making us so welcome, hope to catch up with you again soon.

We have also done some fantastic events for Red Bull, Oxford University and Student Shopping to name a few.

Stay tuned to Silent Noize as we will be in touch regarding future events very soon and please send over pics from your events to

Silent weddings!

Over the past 2 summers we have grown and grown into the wedding market and this year we have done on average 2 weddings a month since April so the bug really is catching on! We have heard people saying that they can’t understand why you would want such an anti-social activity at your wedding with nobody interacting or talking but this could not be further from the truth. In our experience people seem to lose their inhibitions when wearing the headphones and the experience is in fact incredibly social with everyone interacting with each other to try and convince them to change channel or request a particular song. We have had feeback from our customers to say that people who NEVER normally get up and dance have been some of the first involved in the silent disco and the last to leave the dancefloor at the end of the night.

Whether it’s simply to abate the noise pollution curfew of your chosen venue, or for the uniqueness of a silent disco at your wedding, Silent Noize can be a fantastic entertaining and exciting way to make your day stand out.

Here are some pics and reviews from a few weddings we have done over the past 2 summers:

Silent Noize have done weddings right across the country and even in Bali and Thailaind. Contact us to find out more about hiring us for your big day anywhere in the world!!!


Summer Shenanigans…

Well this summer may have been a washout so far but it hasn’t stopped you lot from having a great time. Silent Noize have been up and down the country doing a host of University Balls, fesitvals, house parties and exhibitions of all kinds. We’ve even been over to the Isle Of Mann for a dance festival and have plans to do events in Rome & Oslo in the next 2 months.

Big thanks to the guys at Keble College in Oxford for another fantastic event this year, over 800 of you partied long into the night. Also thanks to the guys at Devonshire Hall in Leeds and Grey College in Durham, love doing the events with you lot!

Stay tuned for announcements about Greenbelt and V Festival 2012.

Wedding season

Even though the weather might not suggest it we are slowly creeping into the summer months and we are setting up for our busiest ever summer at Silent Noize.

Amongst plenty of club nights, festivals, private parties and art exhibitions we are hosting a ton of weddings thanks largely to our appearance at The National Wedding Show at the NEC in March.

April saw our first ever Silent Noize wedding abroad as Nick Goldsmith and his best man Steve Dukes took the headsets to Bali for a Silent wedding on the beach!! It was a fantastic event and the locals didn’t know what hit them when they saw the bride and groom take their first dance wearing a pair of headphones each.

We also went down to Brighton for the wedding of Emma and Joe and another fantastic event with all in attendance having a fantastic time. Our Dj’s Adam & Jerome put on another great display.

Pics to follow on the website from all our wedding events.

Thanks too to Russel & Sean for the event at Exeter College, Oxford Uni, the feedback has been fantastic.

Finally big thanks to everyone else who has booked throughout April, really looking forward to another busy month in May with one of our favourite events of the year, the Keble Ball at Oxford Uni this Saturday to kick things off.


Happy Easter

Since the wedding show things have been more hectic than ever at Silent Noize HQ. Our new office & warehouse in Digbeth is finally ready and so operations will be moving there as of next week.

Over the past few weeks we have done events all over the country going as far as Bristol, Hull, Peterborough and even right up into Scotland to Greenock!

This Easter weekend Silent Noize is happening in Leicester, Cambridge and down south in Taunton.

Stay tuned for some big news regarding our appearance at Wireless Festival 2012 and a random but very exciting appearance in a major shopping centre in central London.

Happy Easter from Silent Noize, hope you all have a great break.


National Wedding Show – The Aftermath!

Well what a weekend it was at the NEC for The National Wedding Show Spring 2012. We had a fantastic time so big thanks to everybody who stopped by our stall to chat to us and have a go at the Silent Disco!

Special thanks to:

Lacey Green & Jerome Prosser for all their help, I hope your feet have recovered!!

Also thanks to everybody who stopped by to chat to us over the weekend, it was so nice to meet so many people who were interested in our stand. I think there are going to be quite a few silent weddings in the coming months and years!

We met some great exhibitors there too so hello to Jenny & Keith McAvoy, Richard Sheppard, Stretch Tents and Stuart and Adam from My Wedding App, great to meet you all and look forward to hopefully working with you all in the near future.


February has been another fantastic month for us with some cracking events right across the country.

Among our favorite events was the Valentines party for the loyal attendees at St Cuthbert’s society in Durham. This is the 6th time these guys have booked with us and every time it’s a fantastic event!

We also took bookings in Dorset, Devon and Brighton and hosted a party at one of our favorite local venues, the Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath for Alyson Cooke’s 30 bday. A great night was had by all as Silent Noize fever seemed to take over the whole pub – people were dancing outside and in the toilets!! for more info on the venue.

We also did a charity event for the guys at Cardiff Met Uni last week which went really well so thanks to all the girls for organizing and running it so well. Here’s a few pics from the party….

Finally we would like to thank Becky Young our work placement student who spent the week getting to know the ropes and lending a helping hand to all at Silent Noize. Hope she learned as much from us as we did from her!