I absolutely love working for Silent Noize, especially the silent disco weddings!

My wonderful friends Dan and Rach decided to declare their love for each other in front of their friends and family a few months ago. They officially tied the knot in Birmingham registry office but in order to have their dream celebration they decided that they would erect their own venue for the day in the style of a big top circus tent with added festival feel on top!

They aptly named their wedding ‘Wedstock’.

Luckily both being from creative and theatrical backgrounds, Dan and Rach planned a very alternative themed day. Of which most was built or made by themselves, friends and family. I would happily describe it as magical, funfair, shabby chic, vintage, futuristic, rock’n’roll style day.

Without going into too much detail (as the happy couple actually wanted to write about their own experiences and share with the world) we all had an amazing day and a ridiculously fun fuelled evening.

I decided to take one of our Silent Noize silent disco kits which meant that we not only had multiple channels of music to listen to, but the Bristolian sheep in the surrounding farmland could get a good night’s rest without having to listen to all of our guilty pleasures blasted out across the countryside.

A fun time was had by all and we just about (we’d had a few drinks by this point) managed to capture some images of our wonderful wedding silent disco!

If you want to find out more about having Silent Noize Events entertainment at your wedding/venue please take a look at our wedding page or request a brochure by emailing rachel@silentnoizeevents.com

Photos courtesy of the wonderful Andy.D from Polka Dot Fox