With everything that’s happened over the past 12 months it’s becoming increasingly difficult to remember what ‘normal’ life was like. Meeting up with friends and families in pubs and restaurants, partying until the early hours, making memories that lasted forever. All things we took for granted in the pre-Covid19 world now seem like a distant memory for many of us.

Life has changed forever but what has not and will never falter, is our desire to be together, to laugh, to dance, to live and to share. When live, face-to-face events do return we believe that you will be ready to party like never before. Forget 1999, we’re going to party like its 2021!

For 11 years (excluding the majority of 2020) our silent disco parties and equipment have helped to reshape the way people party. From the outside it may seem like dancing in a crowd with headsets on isn’t a particularly inclusive thing to do. However, those who’ve been to a silent disco will know just how incredible and experience they can be. Seeing so many people lose their inhibitions, dancing like nobody’s watching and singing like they’re alone in the shower is a truly memorable site and creates an atmosphere unlike at any other type of party. Trust us, we’ve seen enough!

With a silent disco at your wedding, party, festival or event you are guaranteed to create lasting memories.

So whenever we do get through to the other side of the Covid tunnel and the lights are shining brightly again, we CAN NOT wait to see you all  on the dance floor. We’re going to party like never before.

Silent Disco at Carfest North 2019